Simple Exercises For Children To Do Sports

Exercise for children should be fun… For children to repeat something, they have to have fun! If it’s boring or bothers them, they will just stop doing it. Instead of saying boring words to children like ‘train’ or ‘sport’, it is better to say things like: ‘let’s play’, ‘let’s have fun moving’ …

Sports in children has to be based on games and fun and with just 45 minutes or 1 hour a day they have enough. It is a way to add fitness to your routine and end the childhood sedentary lifestyle that seems a social plague. In addition, it will help them channel their energy and behave much better.

Below you will find some easy exercises for children, movements that they will enjoy … they will have a great time! They do not require too much time nor do they have to go outside, so they are ideal for the cold of winter. They can be done in bursts of 5 to 10 minutes and increased if necessary. Ideally, start with a few minutes of warm-up so that your muscles and heart begin to move in the healthiest way.


Running is about the simplest form of exercise out there, and it’s perfect for kids. Children love to run anywhere… outdoors, indoors, in a sports hall… wherever! Running can also be combined with other movements in games, such as relay races.

While the children run, you can change the movement patterns by making the children go from running to jumping, running with their feet very fast, raising their knees, kicking, changing direction … All this will help improve their coordination and also get the brain into action.


Jumping is also great fun for children, they increase their muscle strength! In addition it also increases cardiovascular capacity and endurance. Fun jumps for children to try and have fun can be:

  • Jump Stretching: Stretch your arms and legs out to the sides like a starfish while jumping, scooping your arms and legs toward your body to focus on landing.
  • Jumps with pleats: bend the knees and raise the heels while jumping.
  • Show jumping : jump from side to side or front to back over a simulation obstacle.
  • One foot jumps: lift one knee and jump on the standing leg; toggle (this is a great balance challenge too!).
  •  Cross Feet: jump up, then cross one foot in front of the other. On the next jump, switch feet and continue.

Squats and lunges

Kids can also do squats or lunges, they just won’t have to push themselves too hard on squats to avoid hurting themselves! These simple exercises strengthen the legs to give children a good foundation for all types of sports and physical activities.

Try forward, backward, and sideways movements with children, as well as classic squats. You can also incorporate jumping jacks into a squat sequence by having children jump after they stand up between squats. They will love these moves!