A School Teaches Boys To Cook, Clean And Iron

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of gender inequality in our society, and although it is less and less noticeable, we still have to continue working as a society for this to change completely. The best way to keep these distinctions somewhere in your memory is through education both at home and at school.


Housework is for both men and women and it is time to stop the chauvinistic scourge that only urged women to perform them, leaving them a slave to the house while the man worked or went out to the bar to have drinks with friends. Tasks as basic as they are important such as cleaning, ironing, sewing or cooking are things that are learned at home … but if they are also learned from school, much better!

It is necessary for both boys and girls to learn values ‚Äč‚Äčabout gender equality and end the stigmas that still exist when performing housework. This initiative has been taken by ColegioMontecastelo in Vigo, Spain … but all the schools on the planet should follow! They have a very clear motto: “Equality is learned by doing . “

Leave behind the macho scourge at home

Throughout last year the school became known thanks to these extra classes that teach both boys and girls to do household chores such as: ironing, sewing, cooking, cleaning … and others that are usually thought only “for men” in society, but that girls should also learn carpentry, electrical, masonry or plumbing.

These classes are not within the school’s curriculum, so in order to teach them, they are carried out on a voluntary basis by teachers, parents or other professionals from the center … and what they want to make clear to the whole school is that homework is something of two, regardless of whether you are a woman or a man. In this way, when these students form a family or become independent, they will know what to do and how to do the tasks and basic needs of a home. It is necessary that they begin to realize this and become aware, because unfortunately too many young people leave their home, without even knowing how to cook!

They are undoubtedly lessons that will serve them for life. They will feel responsible for their lives, for their home and they will know how to handle themselves in their future home.